Finnova Soft Coop

An enterprise banking solution the empowers financial NGO, Microfinance institutions, cooperatives, women trade association and informal savings and credit groups in Africa to maximize the value of their customer relationships through a modern, responsive secure loans and savings management software. It is a comprehensive solution for the integral processing of core operation in a financial organization.


Finnova Soft Coop is a cloud-based application that allows savings and lending business manages loans, repayment, collection, savings and shares with ease while being affordable at the same time.

Loans & Savings

This system has flexibility loan and savings module which you can adjust or customize to suit your microfinance needs. Manageable fields include loan term, interest rate, repayment schedule, interest calculation method, charges, Loan approval process and many other functions.

Intuitive & user friendly

Most functions can be done in one or two clicks. The system has a simple and clear user interface, with best-practice workflows taking you through all core processes, and relevant data always at your fingertips.

Borrowers Management

The system enables the capture of personal information, unique identifiers, next of kin details, business information and much more. You can upload scanned document or documents to a client’s account.


You can configure your of accounts with GL codes and link them to loan or savings product and many other applicable area. Some journal entries are automatic like loan disbursements while some be added manually.You can find various accounting reports like trial balance, balance sheet and profit and loos accounts.


View and export high quality reports. Reports includes


  • Balance sheet
  • Trial balance
  • Income statement
  • Ledger reports


  • Transaction
  • Balances
  • Savings account
  • Client savings
  • Dividend reports


  • Collection sheet
  • Repayment
  • Expected repayments
  • Arrears
  • Client report
  • Disbursement reports

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Our SDGoals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to digital financial inclusion
primarily fall under Goal 1 (No Poverty) and Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth).
Here's how we contribute to these goals:


Goal 1: No Poverty

Digital financial inclusion can help reduce poverty by providing access to financial services for underserved and vulnerable populations, enabling them to save, invest, and build financial stability.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Digital financial inclusion can promote economic growth and decent work by facilitating financial transactions, access to credit, and entrepreneurship opportunities for individuals and small businesses, thereby creating jobs and improving livelihoods.
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